Logikcull Launches a Drag-And-Drop Litigation Database Import Tool That Anyone Can Use

Logikcull Launches a Drag-And-Drop Litigation Database Import Tool That Anyone Can Use

WASHINGTON, DC, October 27, 2014 - Logikcull announced today the launch of its drag-and-drop litigation database import tool. Designed not only for IT teams, but also for less technical attorneys and paralegals. This breakthrough in litigation technology will enable anyone to easily import litigation databases (i.e. Concordance, Summation, etc.) into a modern discovery platform.

In order for discovery to work efficiently, information (i.e. documents, emails, pictures, etc.) needs to be seamlessly exchanged between parties. However, the methods involved in the current system result in information changing hands in an overly complex, slow and inefficient manner. Highly skilled technical experts are required to massage and manage the data exchanged between parties, commonly in the form of “load files.” During this exchange, hundreds of technical details can go wrong, resulting in missed deadlines and frustrated legal teams.

Logikcull’s approach to the discovery exchange aims to streamline this process by making it easier and smarter.

“In my I.T. career, Logikcull’s database import tool is the smoothest and most intuitive process for dealing with load files that I’ve had the pleasure of using.” said Ren Bare, IT Specialist at Woods Rogers PLC.

To reduce the complexity involved in the discovery exchange, Logikcull realized that the entire process had to be automated so that anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, could do it. Now, Logikcull users simple drag-and-drop their discovery database into the browser, and Logikcull takes care of the rest. Importing discovery databases for review couldn’t be simpler.

“The drag-and-drop load file import tool really brings Logikcull to the next level. It’s dead simple to navigate, even for those of us who are not full-time discovery experts,” praised Austen Bommarito, Director of Information Systems at Young Basile Hanlon & MacFarlane.

This breakthrough in litigation technology will enable legal teams of all technical capabilities to quickly manage their own discovery databases without the need for expensive vendors or consultants.

To schedule a demo of this feature, simply email demo@logikcull.com. Or, try the feature for free by signing up for a free trial of Logikcull. Go to logikcull.com and click the “Try Logikcull for Free” button.


Logikcull's mission is to empower legal teams of all sizes & technical capabilities to efficiently organize, search, and collaborate on document collections for discovery & investigations, from anywhere. Every day, legal teams around the world effortlessly upload discovery data sets of all sizes, like Microsoft Outlook email databases, Office files & Cloud data, to Logikcull. Using Logikcull's Culling Intelligence™ engine, these data sets are automatically organized and made searchable, so that legal teams can quickly discover the facts of their case from their computer, phone, or tablet. Headquartered in Washington, DC, Logikcull is a privately held technology company. To learn more about Logikcull, visit www.logikcull.com.


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