Logikcull Outperforms Competitors In User Satisfaction, By A Lot

Logikcull Outperforms Competitors In User Satisfaction, By A Lot

When we're asked at Logikcull how we stack up to the competition, we generally prefer our customers to speak for us. They are the ones with the real world experience, using Logikcull in the trenches to solve the problems of discovery both typical and taxing.

We rely heavily on our users -- a broad mix of litigators, technologists, paralegals and others from organizations big and small -- for the feedback and tire-kicking essential to making Logikcull among the most effective, powerful and easy to use tools around. It is from their comments, kudos and, yes, occasional criticisms that the majority of our product development derives. We also hold a quarterly open-forum with our customer advisory board so we can pick their brains about new ideas and additions to our roadmap, and so they can pick ours.

Our customers are our lifeblood, and we rely on them to help make Logikcull great.

Much of the feedback they provide is captured on our site and, increasingly, aggregated on Capterra and G2 Crowd. If you've ever searched online for software, any kind of software, you've probably come across one or both of these sites. Like Angie's List for tech, they assemble reviews from verified users who rate products and services on various criteria. All reviews are vetted by site admins to weed out trolls, phony customers, and companies attempting to bump their own ratings.

Service providers, irrespective of industry, are always first to tout their triumphs and abilities. We tout our own. The value of these sites is in a) providing legit, non-biased information from end-users and b) helping prospective customers quickly separate the wheat from the chaff.

Recently, G2 Crowd unveiled its G2 Crowd Grid for eDiscovery software, which is similar to Gartner's Magic Quadrant. Granted, it's not the most thorough summary, but it is accurate -- and it gives a quick snapshot of how Logikcull compares with competitors in different areas. To be considered, providers must accumulate 10 reviews. Clearing that bar is significant in and of itself.

Logikcull performed well across the board, but we scored particularly excellently on user satisfaction. See for yourself.


G2 Crowd Grid for eDiscovery Software

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