Logikcull Reaches Billion-Page Milestone

Logikcull Reaches Billion-Page Milestone

Last Thursday, June 21, Logikcull crossed a historic threshold. On that day, more than one billion pages were hosted on the Logikcull platform for the first time. That’s a one with nine zeros after it: 1,000,000,000.

That’s a lot of pages. Laid out end-to-end one billion sheets of standard paper would stretch over 173,000 miles, enough to wrap around the Earth nearly seven times. If these were paper pages, they’d represent over 120,000 felled trees. If those billion pages were shoved into bankers boxes and couriered across town, you’d need nearly half a million bankers boxes and an army or two of couriers. Thankfully, these pages are digital.  

Of course, one billion pages don’t just appear in Logikcull on their own. Someone has to put them there. And to do that, someone has to realize that the old way of doing discovery doesn’t work anymore. Someone has to decide that discovery should be as easy as upload, search, and download. That documents should be available anywhere, stored securely on the cloud, in a powerfully simple platform.  

Thankfully, more and more people are making this realization. Since Logikcull.com launched on April 1st, 2013, it has been embraced by everyone from small town solo practitioners to Am Law 100 firms, Fortune 500 companies and striving start ups, federal agencies and small nonprofits.

Their numbers are growing, rapidly. Here’s a glimpse at the page growth in Logikcull from January to June alone:

Pages Hosted Graph-1.png

The billion-page mark hits right about where the line pierces the moon.

Billion Pages Hosted.png

Some highlights from this month alone: Last Thursday 1,865,795 pages were uploaded to Logikcull, a single-day high. Fridays, surprisingly, were the busiest days for uploads in June so far, with Mondays coming in a close second. The average upload had over 59,000 pages.

Just as Logikcull’s growth is rapid, it’s also wide. We’ve got Logikcull users on six of the seven continents (Antarctica is coming soon, once the penguins get on board), using Logikcull’s automated discovery and data management from Tokyo to Tallahassee. We’ve even got users in Kathmandu.

Global Logikcull.jpg

So thanks to everyone who had the smarts and the foresight to realize that it’s time to put an end to eDiscovery as we know it.

We know that one billion is just the start. We can’t wait to celebrate the 10-billion-page mark with you soon!

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