Logikcull 'Review Sets' reimagine document review for exponential savings

Logikcull 'Review Sets' reimagine document review for exponential savings

Logikcull is excited to announce the release of Review Sets, a groundbreaking new feature that significantly decreases the cost and improves the speed of traditional batch-based document review.

In a traditional document review, reviewers receive batches of documents that they must tediously analyze one document at a time in a linear fashion. The best reviewers may only get through 100 documents in a hour. This slow process comes at a high cost ranging from one to ten dollars per-document reviewed.

With Logikcull Review Sets, reviewers can quickly eliminate unresponsive documents using Logikcull’s Culling Intelligence engine, enabling reviewers to instantly cull large quantities of data that they would otherwise have to manually review. This unprecedented marriage of document review with capabilities previously thought only to encapsulate “early case assessment” exponentially increases the review capacity of each user. Some Logikcull customers say they have experienced a tenfold increase in reviewer productivity.

In effect, review sets have made obsolete the laborious, time-intensive process known as document “batching.” With review sets, individual reviewers are empowered to plow through large subsets of documents with the intuitive culling and advanced analysis tools that are Logikcull’s hallmark.

As our customers take on ever larger, more complex projects in Logikcull, we are constantly striving to achieve efficiency that simply doesn’t exist within the traditional eDiscovery solution marketplace. Review Sets empower legal teams to take a divide-and-conquer approach to discovery that, until now, was inconceivable.

Check out the full press release here, and if you are at ILTA, please be sure to drop us a visit. We're at booth 902 -- and we have No eDiscovery monkeys.

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