New in Logikcull: Quick PDF Downloads, Split Anything, Doc Viewer Improvements and More!

New in Logikcull: Quick PDF Downloads, Split Anything, Doc Viewer Improvements and More!

Here's your monthly update on new features, product improvements, and bug fixes, including:

  • Quick PDF Downloads
  • Split Anything
  • Doc Viewer Scale and Experience Improvements
  • Smart Asset Caching
  • Updates to Logikcull Data Sub-Processors

Quick PDF Download

We’ve all been there. You just want to download a handful of documents as PDFs, maybe to apply highlights and annotations. Maybe to hang on your Mare of Easttown crazy wall. Problem is, as you may have experienced, there’s no way to do this without going through the four-step downloads wizard. That is, no way until now. With Quick PDF Downloads, documents in a search can be easily grouped and downloaded. Just name the download, select your preferred output (with or without family inclusion; merged or as individual docs) and let ’er rip. Want to download a redacted or Bates-numbered document? Oh yeah, you can do that, too.

Check it out below…

Quick PDF downloads

Split Anything

Here’s a hypothetical. Let’s say you have an investigation that requires the production of posts from Facebook. You could just screen shot them, but that would be bad form. So instead you download the entire Facebook “wall” through that social platform’s export function. Trouble is, it spits out one ginormous HTML file that you proceed to drag-and-drop into Logikcull. Upon processing, you identify the individual posts at issue and go to split them out from the larger HTML file, only… RUH ROH—you can only split PDFs.

A surprised Scooby Doo

Or, rather, you could only split PDFs. With Split Anything, the John-Cusack-holding-a-boombox of Logikcull features, you can now do just that: break apart any multi-page document. Here’s how it works...

Split anything gif

Doc Viewer Scale and Experience Improvements

If you’re like me and exclusively review docs on a vintage 2006 Prada LG smartphone, you’ll be pleased to know that using Logikcull on smaller screens just got a lot easier. To maximize real estate, the doc viewer now opens by default with search results hidden for users on screens with lower than 1920px resolution. And whatever your screen size, Logikcull will now automatically remember the scale value you set, retaining those settings as you navigate between docs. That’s Goldilocks sizing every time you log in.

Smart Asset Caching

It’s not unusual for Logikcull engineers to update product code a half dozen times per day. And while you’re always going to experience the newest and best version of Logikcull when you log in, often, the price you’d pay was a split second or two of additional loading time. Now, through the magic of asset caching, the javascript code required to fire the latest and greatest version of Logikcull is baked into your browser for instant culling gratification.

Updates to Logikcull Sub-Processors

And here’s some big news to end on: we’ve updated our list of data sub-processors— a mundane, non-impactful thing that we are legally obligated to share, yet mindful enough to include in this small space so as not to take up more room in your inbox. You can check out the full list of sub-processors, and updates therein, here.

Want more? Register for Logikcull's Summer quarterly release, June 15 at 10 AM PDT // 1 PM EDT. The theme is "Cull in the Dark" and we'll be revealing our newest features to help you eliminate late nights, shed light on “dark” data, and account for the new ways we all work.


Logikcull's Summer 2021 Release Event

June 15, 10 AM PDT // 1 PM EDT


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