Must-See Webinars: Avoiding Production Disasters and Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Law

Must-See Webinars: Avoiding Production Disasters and Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Law

If you’re looking to stay on top of some of the most pressing issues facing legal practitioners today, set aside a few hours for webinars in the upcoming weeks. Two Logikcull webinars this October will provide expert insight into current discovery challenges and future legal developments.  

The first, happening this Wednesday and hosted Michael Simon, attorney and principal at Seventh Samurai, and Scott Borrowman, senior attorney at Redgrave LLP, will take a look at recent discovery production disasters and provide tips on how attorneys and legal professionals can avoid making similar mistakes. Then, later this month, we’ll look ahead at the ways cutting-edge bitcoin and blockchain technology are impacting the practice of law. On October 26th, Erica G. Wilson of Vuono & Gray and Stephen T. Middlebrook of Womble Carlyle, will discuss the ways bitcoin and blockchain are impacting attorneys’ day-to-day practice and how regulators are responding to the rise of virtual currencies.

How to Avoid eDiscovery Production Disasters

No one wants to be on the receiving end of a judicial benchslap over discovery gone wrong or to see their name highlighted in the New York Times for having inadvertently released reams of sensitive client information. Yet these nightmare scenarios are all too common. In the past few months alone, eDiscovery productions gone wrong have repeatedly made headlines. There is the Wells Fargo data breach that ended up in the Times, for example, or the Harleysville Insurance case, where an attorney left a case file online for anyone, including opposing counsel, to see.

These, of course, are just the headline-making cases. Many practitioners have a story of a production gone wrong—a CD full of client information lost, for example, or the wrong information produced to the opposing party, some times over and over again.

Thankfully, most discovery production disasters are entirely preventable, if you know what precautions to take. Our webinar on Wednesday, October 4th, focuses on exactly that.

Attendees will learn:

  • Best practices for securely producing discovery files to opposing parties
  • Ethical and professional considerations for securing client data  
  • Techniques for avoiding inadvertent disclosure of privileged files
  • Recent case law related to waiver and sanctions arising from production failures

How Bitcoin and Blockchain Are Impacting the Law

While the eDiscovery Production Disaster webinar will look back at recent examples of discovery gone wrong and what practitioners can learn from them, our upcoming webinar on bitcoin and blockchain looks at how these emerging technologies are reshaping the future of the law. Bitcoin and related “cryptocurrencies,” or digital currencies that employ encryption technology, are becoming ever more widespread, used for everything from international business to paying legal fees. Bitcoin’s increasing popularity—the currency is trading at $4,416 USD per bitcoin as of yesterday, up from $600 a year ago—has spawned a host of similar virtual currencies and caught the attention of regulators, from state legislatures to the IRS.

Blockchain, the technology that underlies many of these currencies, has gained even more attention. Financial giants are looking at blockchain as the possible possible future of fintech, while lawyers are investigating blockchain for everything from smart contracts to public land registries.

Our October 26th webinar will take a look at these quickly emerging issues. Attendees will learn:

  • The basics of blockchain and bitcoin technology
  • How blockchain and bitcoin are impacting attorneys day-to-day practice right now
  • How federal and state laws impact virtual currencies
  • Regulatory frameworks and possible regulatory action around virtual currency

The webinar will be hosted by two experts in the field. Stephen T. Middlebrook, an attorney at Womble Carlyle’s FinTech group, has years of experience advising clients on complex regulatory and compliance matters, including licensing, consumer protection, anti-money laundering, data privacy and security. In addition to his extensive background in virtual currency and distributed ledger technology, Stephen also serves as an adviser to the Uniform Law Commission’s drafting committee for the Uniform Regulation of Virtual Currency Businesses Act.

Erica G. Wilson, an associate with Vuono & Gray and the second speaker for our webinar, regularly presents on the legal implications of blockchain and bitcoin technology for bar associations and professional groups. A long-time bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiast, Erica is proud to count herself as one of only a few hundred people to have reported her bitcoin-related gains to the IRS.

This is a webinar you won’t want to miss. Sign up here to save your spot.

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