Now Available: The Ultimate Guide to eDiscovery

Now Available: The Ultimate Guide to eDiscovery

If you're involved in litigation, investigations or any other form of legal dispute, odds are you've encountered eDiscovery. And if you haven't yet, you will soon. Electronic evidence is a staple in all forums of dispute resolution across the globe.

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The eDiscovery process can be complex, complicated, and burdensome—but it doesn’t have to be. Logikcull’s new eDiscovery Guide lays out just about everything you need to know about discovery, from data preservation and legal holds to predictive coding and discovery software. It’s not just any guide. It’s “The Ultimate Guide to eDiscovery.”

The guide starts with an easy introduction to the basic concepts and terms you will need to begin any conversation around the practice of electronic discovery and expands from there. It covers how to place a defensible legal hold for the preservation of evidence, explores the eDiscovery implications of information governance, provides an overview of the document review process, and more.

In addition, readers will learn:

  • The basic steps of the eDiscovery process
  • Foundational case law  
  • Applicable procedural rules
  • Lingo and commonly used terms and
  • How to evaluate eDiscovery technology  

Whether you’re a legal professional just encountering discovery for the first time or a seasoned eDiscovery vet, you can benefit from “The Ultimate Guide to eDiscovery.”

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