Protecting client data in the age of cybercrime: Watch webinar now

Protecting client data in the age of cybercrime: Watch webinar now

Last week, Logikcull hosted a webinar on law firm data security. The program, which featured two leading cyber-law attorneys and a security expert, gave guidance for protecting client data as outside threats from cybercriminals and others continue to mount. It also addressed the professional and ethical implications of data breach, and outlined the duties attorneys owe their clients in the context of data security.

A recording of the webinar and the associated materials are available below.

If you're practicing law in 2016, you're squarely in the crosshairs of one of the biggest threats the profession has ever faced. Law firms, by the nature of their business, are possessors of their clients' most sensitive trade secrets, IP and electronic records. And hackers know it. Earlier this year, this threat came home to roost in a big way: The Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca fell prey to what Edward Snowden described as the "biggest leak in the history of data journalism" -- where hackers accessed the firms IT framework and leaked more than 11.5 million documents across the web.

Since then, several other high-profile law firms have admitted to data breaches, and reports of state-sponsored hacking of law firms have surfaced. But, as our presenters discuss, it's not just large or prominent firms that are in the line of fire. Firms of all sizes and means must contend with the reality that the information they possess -- whether sensitive client documents or just run-of-the-mill financial material like credit card and bank account information -- is targeted by actors with bad intentions. There's more discussion of how security threats impact small firms compared to their larger counterparts in the webinar.

We also encourage you, if you haven't already, to check out our whitepaper below on seven steps you can take to help mitigate the risk of data breach.

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