Ransomware and the Future of Law Firm Cybersecurity: Webinar With Brian Focht and Olga Mack

Ransomware and the Future of Law Firm Cybersecurity: Webinar With Brian Focht and Olga Mack

This summer has been the Summer of Ransomware. In May, the Wannacry ransomware program swept the globe, infecting as many as 200 million devices. Most of the U.S. was spared, but it was a brief reprieve.

In June, a second massive cyberattack again spread throughout the world. This time, it brought down one of the country's biggest law firms. DLA Piper, it’s systems under attack by the Petya ransomware program, was forced to shut down its phone service, email, and internal computer network—potentially costing millions in lost income. Weeks later, the firm was still digging itself out.  

Such attacks are increasingly an existential threat to firms of all sizes: the difference between being billing and nothingness.

Join us for a webinar on “Protecting Against Petya: Ransomware and the Future of Law Firm Cybersecurity” on Thursday, July 27. Featuring Bryan Focht, an attorney at Stiles, Byrum & Horne, LLP and author of “The Cyber Advocate” blog, and Olga Mack, General Counsel at ClearSlide and a lecturer at the U.C. Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall), the webinar will address:

-The recent history of cyberattacks against law firms large and small
-The potential consequences of a successful attack
-Cybersecurity protections GCs demand from their outside counsel
-Ways attorneys can protect themselves against ransomware and other cyberattacks  

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