Search Reports as Infographics: A new Logikcull feature

Search Reports as Infographics: A new Logikcull feature

Click it. See it. Instantly.

Data can be difficult to visualize. Especially if it's A LOT of data, which is a very a common problem in eDiscovery. It's not unheard of to find yourself in a sea of a million or more unstructured emails and attachments, searching for meaning in the mess. But even in smaller eDiscovery projects it can be difficult to make sense of your data.

Before we released instant search reports, there were a bunch of ways to visualize your data in Logikcull. For instance, using the Logikcull filters you could easily see how many documents were tagged with a certain language (i.e. Chinese (709)) or quickly see how many documents were assigned to each user. And lots more. But it wasn't the best way to visualize your data.

So, we set out to change that. We wanted to make a data search report, but not just any search report. It had to be beautiful. It had to be fast. And most importantly, it had to be informative and easy to understand. So our idea was to make a search report like an interactive info-graphic. In one-click, you could instantly see your data in interesting new ways, giving you different insights into it.

After a month of hard work, we launched that new feature this week. See the video above. The feature was simplified into a single, and powerful button.


When you click on that little button, magic happens. In about a second or two, your current search will be displayed in a beautiful, and informative search report. Regardless if you have 10 documents or 10 million documents in your search, you'll be able to see:

  • A date histogram of documents inside and outside of your search
  • A breakdown of the documents, pages, and gigabyte size of your search
  • A tags report showing relevant tags applied to your documents (i.e. Responsive (1801))
  • A languages report showing you what languages are most common in your current search
  • A document types report showing you the kinds of documents that were recalled in the search
  • A custodians report showing which custodians in your project were included in the search
  • And a users report showing you, in real-time, how many documents your users/reviewers have gone through and what tags are most commonly applied

(more reports & report features are coming - this is only the beginning)

Each search report section can be easily collapsed for a more focused view of the data you're most interested in. When you're done with the report simply click the same button that generated the report and the report will instantly roll back up.

And if you happen to be on the go, you can use your phone or tablet to create these reports as well. The feature is mobile optimized and fully responsive.

If you're interested in seeing a live demo, just let us know and we'll schedule it on your schedule. We hope you like it.

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