Sub Accounts' reflects Logikcull's transformation from eDiscovery to Legal Intelligence

Sub Accounts' reflects Logikcull's transformation from eDiscovery to Legal Intelligence

Last month, we quietly announced a new feature that enables individual users or groups of users to run unique instances of Logikcull under a single master admin. We call it "Sub Accounts."

The press release publicizing Sub Accounts, which can be read here, hit less than a week after news that we raised $10 million to essentially launch a new category of legal software: Legal Intelligence. It may have appeared a ripple in the wake of a tsunami. But, in fact, both are part of the same wave.

Along with Data Copy, which we previously featured, Sub Accounts represents a complete break with the legacy conventions of legal tech, and a glimpse into the future of what that world will be. It is one of the cornerstones of Legal Intelligence. And, needless to say, we're excited about it.

Sub Accounts is an administration function that allows separate groups or individuals within the same organization -- or under the umbrella of an organization -- to run their own Logikcull platforms under the supervision of a “master account” administrator who has access to all accounts. For example, in an instance where an insurance company working with dozens of law firms to process, investigate and litigate claims of insureds, the insurance company would hold the master keys and distribute individual, unique Logikcull accounts to each of those firms. Each firm would work within their own account, but could share permissions-limited access to that account with co-counsel, the insured's custodians and others.

Sub Accounts facilitates a self-contained, viral network of Logikculls where the need to transfer data, and the associated risks, are virtually eliminated, and multiple, distinct tasks are performed simultaneously. Is it flashy? No, not at first blush. But it's important.

But let's back up a second...  

To understand the importance of Sub Accounts, you have to understand Legal Intelligence. And to understand Legal Intelligence, you have to actually know what Legal Intelligence is.

Legal Intelligence is the coalescence of process automation and powerful simplicity, where "intelligent" data processing (automated ingestion, indexing, OCRing, virus scanning, and so on) is married with the bedrocks of SaaS: user-friendly UI, real-time collaboration, 24/7 accessibility, cost-predictability, and elastic, lightweight deployment via the cloud.

Yes, Legal Intelligence can automate many of the labor and time-intensive processes typically associated with eDiscovery -- for instance, document review and early case assessment. But it is so much more.

Sub Accounts shows off this versatility. It empowers different business units across an organization to use Logikcull for different purposes and entirely distinct use cases. In some organizations, compliance teams are using Logikcull to conduct internal investigations, while it's also being used by the general counsel’s office for eDiscovery in litigation and the finance department to conduct tax audits. Seriously, tax audits. Does your eDiscovery tool do that?

In a broader sense, Sub Accounts represents the expansion of the Logikcull platform beyond eDiscovery, and a maturing of legal tech more generally, where user-friendly technology accessible by cloud and infinitely scalable can be deployed to address a wide range of different projects concurrently.

What does Legal Intelligence mean to my bottom line?

One of core our values at Logikcull is to start with the "why?" Here, we'll end with it. Legal Intelligence is automated and user-friendly and predictable and the future of legal tech and so on and so forth. So what? Why does that matter? And what does it mean for you?

That part is simple. Legal Intelligence is a force multiplier whether its deployed within a law firm or enterprise, by a team of one or many. For law firm practitioners, this means, among other things, faster time to billing, because you can start now. No more waiting on vendors, external or internal, to process data and prepare it for review. No more intensive training. No more software updates, plug-ins, or downtime. You can start a project at any time, immediately. Which means you can start billing your time faster. For smaller law firms, Logikcull is a leveler of the playing field and a license to compete with the big boys -- to take on work where it was otherwise impossible due to the complexity of the matters, the size of the data or the cost and time associated with bringing high-calorie technology in-house.

And for corporate practitioners, Legal Intelligence produces cost savings by making internal teams more efficient, locking in costs through predictable pricing and increasing the capacity to drastically reduce data volumes by distinguishing between high- and low-value information. This is to say nothing of Logikcull's capacity to reduce risk, by eliminating reliance on physical media and data transfer, and by encasing data into one secure hub.

Legal Intelligence can be applied to any use case that calls for processing, searching, reviewing or sharing data. So businesses can, to give a couple examples, use it to respond to subpoenas or conduct due diligence for M&A -- processes that are traditionally inefficient and extremely cost-prohibitive. By the same token, law firms, in addition to using it for small eDiscovery matters, may also use Legal Intelligence for matter mobility, where cases leaving the firm must be "sanitized" before they're handed over.

As our customers put it, Legal Intelligence "saves time, saves money and saves sanity." And it's fundamentally changing the way traditionally complex, labor-intensive processes are done. Sub Accounts is just one manifestation of this. There's much more to come.

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