Webinar: Discovery Billing, Are You Doing It Right?

Webinar: Discovery Billing, Are You Doing It Right?

Discovery billing isn’t the type of lawyering that typically makes it in to legal dramas—or even the trade press. It’s rarely the topic of conversation at cocktail hours or industry events. It can be, quite simply, one of the less sexy parts of legal practice.

Yet, all too often, the cost of discovery can play a disportionate role in litigation. Clients complain about discovery bills that seem to spiral out of control. Parties chafe at slow, expensive approaches and vendor bills filled with hundreds of nickel-and-dime charges. Meanwhile, attorneys are often vending potential revenue, while wondering when and how to pass eDiscovery costs along to their clients and what they should write off to stay in clients’ good graces.

To help bring some clarity to this little covered but high stakes issue, Logikcull is hosting an upcoming webinar on March 13th, covering discovery billing best practices. Featuring a panel of experts, this webinar will examine:

- How different approaches to eDiscovery could impact your client bills

- Which discovery expenses can be passed on directly to client, and which can't  

- How to identify and avoid areas for write-offs

- Strategies for turning your discovery process into a revenue generator for your firm, while reducing costs to your clients

It’s a webinar any legal professional dealing with discovery should attend.

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