Now Available: Must-See Webinar on Blockchain and the Law

Now Available: Must-See Webinar on Blockchain and the Law

If you’re a forward-thinking legal professional, you need to be thinking about blockchain. Blockchain technology, which underlies everything from cryptocurrency to smart contracts to cutting-edge supply chain management systems, is set to impact the way business is conducted and information stored throughout the world. But this technology is not without its uncertainties. How does blockchain technology align with current and emerging regulations? How can attorneys best advise clients on blockchain technology? And how does blockchain actually work, anyway?

To provide some guidance, Logikcull recently hosted the webinar “Blockchain and the Law: What Lawyers (and Their Clients) Need to Know About This Cutting-Edge Technology.” Featuring two brilliant speakers, Antigone Peyton of Protorae Law and Erica G. Wilson of Vuono & Gray, this webinar covered the above questions and more, diving into:

  • The basics of blockchain technology
  • Common blockchain use cases
  • Considerations when advising clients on blockchain
  • Emerging legal and regulatory issues related to blockchain technology

If you missed the live- airing, don’t worry. You can still view the webinar and download the slides on Logikcull’s BrightTalk page below:

Opening Image of Blockchain and the Law Presentation

This is a great resource to have on hand for whenever you need a refresher on blockchain and the law, or to share with those you think might benefit from some insights on this exciting, emerging technology.

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