What does Gartner have to say eDiscovery Education?

What does Gartner have to say eDiscovery Education?

Yesterday, Gartner announced their 2015 eDiscovery Software Magic Quadrant. And for the first time, Logikcull was listed in the report under the "vendors to watch" section (see excerpt below).

The inclusion of Logikcull on the report was a major win for our team and our customers. But I think it's also a bigger sign of what's really happening in legal tech.

There's a movement happening. The "legal cloud" is coming of age and we're happy to be one of the leaders in this new cloud era. In fact, to celebrate this movement, we'll be hosting an event next year called Cull Con: A Conference at the Center of the Legal Cloud. Register for early-bird access here:http://cullcon.com - It will be sometime in the Spring of 2016 in San Francisco (our home). You don't want to miss it!

The Gartner report is primarily focused on the established eDiscovery software players. The kCura's and Symantec's of the world. The incumbents. Interestingly enough, although the report talks about the movement to the cloud as being a major driver of change in the market, none of the companies listed in the quadrant are true, native cloud. Gartner even cautions readers of the report to trust, but verify whether a software is true SaaS:

"Although many offerings are labeled as "SaaS," caution should be given because some of them are really hosted rather than true SaaS. In addition to the benefits of cloud economics and scalability, e-discovery in the cloud is becoming an appealing option if the data source resides in the cloud. This is a new area for e-discovery practitioners."

Logikcull is true eDiscovery SaaS: a single instance, multi-tenant cloud service that requires no vendors, no software installs, no hardware configurations, and very little training (drag-drop-cull). These are major differentiators in a market where the software and hardware are purchased, installed, configured, and then maintained for years and years.

That model is quickly falling out of favor with the market. And Gartner sees it. You, someone that has used Logikcull, sees it.

The report also talks about the effect of new, more predictable and affordable, pricing structures changing the market:

"Pricing structure continues to be simplified. The business goal of controlling e-discovery costs by corporations — the ultimate buyers of e-discovery software — has pushed the emphasis on price prediction and transparency."

We've been championing the idea of price predictability since we launched Logikcull. Unlike the rest of the market, we even make our pricing public (click here). eDiscovery is something that anyone, anywhere, should be able to use and afford. It's a major access to justice problem that needs to be solved. The incumbent model simply doesn't allow for price predictability and affordability. We aim to fix that.

So thank you for using Logikcull. We wouldn't be on this report without your support. And in a few short years, with a little bit of cloud magic and more of your support, we should be in the top-right corner of this magical report [and stay there].

- Andy Wilson, CEO

Here's the excerpt from the report about Logikcull:


"Logikcull, a private company, offers a cloud-based e-discovery solution for legal hold, data processing, review and export. Logikcull's Culling Intelligence is the underlying engine for this solution. Compared with traditional e-discovery solutions, Logikcull's design (cloud native) supports a faster and simpler user experience. In addition to supporting traditional business data, Logikcull also supports cloud data, such as Box. Its pricing is subscription-based and has four categories, depending on the level of customer needs: small, starter, advanced and enterprise."

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