What's the Number One eDiscovery Software? Logikcull Tops G2Crowd's List

What's the Number One eDiscovery Software? Logikcull Tops G2Crowd's List

At Logikcull, our success is measured by our customers’ success. It’s boutique firms using Logikcull to take bigger cases and grow their practices, the AmLaw 100 firms where Logikcull makes high-velocity matters easy. It’s the paralegal who no longer needs to spend 15-hour days conducting manual review and the pro-se litigant who spends $200 to upload and organize his data on Logikcull, after seriously considering a six-figure alternative.

It’s those customers that help make Logikcull possible and it’s their enthusiasm that has made Logikcull one of the highest-ranked eDiscovery software solutions on the market—including, most recently, as the number-one eDiscovery software on G2Crowd. G2Crowd is the leading business solutions review site, with over 300,000 independent and authenticated user reviews relied on by over 1 million business buyers. Seventy-six users (and growing) have reviewed Logikcull on G2Crowd, resulting in a satisfaction score of 92 percent and making Logikcull the best-reviewed eDiscovery software. G2Crowd’s satisfaction score, the review platform explains, “is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings from review data.”

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In addition to its overall satisfaction score, Logikcull ranked highly for ease of use (89 percent), “meets requirements” (88 percent), and ease of doing business with (92 percent). Logikcull’s ease of setup was ranked 93 percent, far above the average rank of 80 percent, and its quality of support was ranked 94 percent, above the average of 87 percent.

Logikcull’s number-one ranking illustrates how simple, intuitive, and powerful technology can improve the practice of law. As Aaron Crocket of Harrang Long Gary Rudnick LLP explained in a recent Logikcull webinar, we’re in the midst of a golden age of evidence. That golden age is made possible by the proliferation of massive amounts of digital information—2.5 exabytes a day and growing every minute. That information can easy become evidence, but to truly make use of it, legal professionals need discovery software that allows them to cull through massive data sets, without the need for a team of information scientists or million-dollar vendor bills.

For too many attorneys, such a solution has been long out of reach. Growing amounts of ESI, coupled with difficult software, expensive vendors, and unforgiving deadlines left too many lawyers trapped in eDiscovery hell, facing a constant risk of sanctions, run-away costs from endless, fruitless doc review projects, and headline-making data breaches.

Logikcull’s top ranking, from ease of use to ease of set up to ease of admin, is a testament to legal professionals’ ability to escape from eDiscovery hell, proof that lawyers can and are conquering data—to the benefit of their clients and the profession as a whole. Instant Discovery—where projects can be started in minutes, from anywhere and at any time, where search is as fast, easy, and reliable as using Google, and where data stays in one, secure place—is now a reality for thousands of legal professionals. G2Crowd isn’t the only evidence of this encouraging trend, either. Logikcull is one of the most reviewed and highest rated eDiscovery software applications on Capterra and Gartner as well.

But, as they say, don’t take our word for it. You can check out the reviews, and G2Crowd’s ranking, for yourself here.

This post was authored by Casey C. Sullivan, who leads education and awareness efforts at Logikcull. You can reach him at casey.sullivan@logikcull.com or on Twitter at @caseycsull.

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