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Case Study: How This Fortune 500 Saved $178,000 on A/V Review—In Minutes

This Fortune 500 company was able to cull A/V data by 99.5% before review and in just minutes — for savings of over $178,000.

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It’s not every day that a few clicks can save a company well over six figures in litigation costs. But that’s exactly the outcome one Tulsa-based Fortune 500 energy company achieved with Logikcull’s VoiceTouch feature for review of audio/video files.

Tasked with reviewing nearly 15,000 voicemail records prior to production, the company’s legal department estimated the project would require nearly 600 hours of review—and six figures in attorney fees. With Logikcull’s A/V Transcription with VoiceTouch, they were able to narrow their review down to just eight potentially relevant recordings in minutes — and eliminate over $178,000 in review costs in the process.

The Challenge: Culling the Noise of A/V Recordings — Without Destroying Your Budget

In most ways, the matter facing this Fortune 500 energy company was routine: a contract dispute with relatively limited discovery. But there was a very important catch. The opposing party had requested voicemail recordings, which the company was obligated to review and produce.

Using Logikcull, the company’s in-house legal team identified 14,863 documents relating to voicemail recordings — none of which had previously been transcribed. The company estimated that attorney reviewers could listen to the recordings at an average rate of 25 voicemails per hour.

At that rate, to power through the audio files alone would take nearly 600 hours.Were the associates at their outside firm to conduct the review, at an average rate of $300 an hour, the company faced an additional $178,356 in review costs alone. Even with contract reviewers operating at a highly reduced rate, review would cost over $25,000. Transcribing documents with a third-party service would have run up another $37,000, assuming two minutes of audio per voicemail and a transcription rate of $1.25 per minute.

For a nimble, business-minded in-house team, none of these approaches were feasible. The legal department needed a way to cull through the noise of A/V files, without spending six figures to do so.

The Solution: VoiceTouch Culls 99.95% ofA/V Records in Minutes

With VoiceTouch, Logikcull automatically transcribes the contents of a media file, be it voicemail, dash cam footage, or a Zoom recording, indexes the text and makes it available for search. Logikcull users can then use keyword searches, Culling Intelligence, and intuitive filters to quickly cull out the documents that don’t matter and focus in on those that do.

What’s more, with VoiceTouch, users can click on any word or passage in the transcript and automatically jump to the corresponding point in the A/V file to speed review.

In minutes, the legal team had narrowed their review set down from over 14,000 recordings to just eight.

With VoiceTouch, the in-house team was able to quickly transcribe and index all of their voicemails and, using a simple keyword search and Logikcull’s Culling Intelligence, identify the recordings that were potentially responsive to the request.

In under 10 minutes, the legal team had narrowed their review set down from over 14,000 records to just eight — eliminating more than $178,000 in potential review costs instantly.

The Takeaway

Today’s workplaces are noisier than ever. And that digital noise is increasingly making its way into investigations and disputes — whether voicemails, video records, Zoom meetings, collaborative Google Docs, or Slack conversations.

But legacy tools weren’t designed to handle these new data types, leaving in-house teams struggling to meet deadlines and stay within budget. With tools like Logikcull’s VoiceTouch, in-house teams can quickly cull the noise from investigations and disputes, drastically reducing the number of documents requiring review and resulting in massive savings — almost instantly.

Company size: Fortune 500
Industry: Energy

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