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Eliminating investigation roadblocks produces ‘massive’ savings for global IT giant Unisys

Learn how the publicly traded IT company eliminated investigation roadblocks to produce ‘massive’ savings.

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Logikcull empowers organizations of all kinds to quickly and seamlessly respond to internal investigations. Here we look at how Unisys, the publicly traded IT company, uses Logikcull’s Discovery Automation platform to quickly find what’s relevant and assess the consequences. Logikcull gives Unisys unprecedented visibility into its data and the issues it exposes. Investigations are completed in hours.

The Challenge

Prior to Logikcull, Unisys’ legal team relied on manual searches of employee inboxes to identify information relevant to internal investigations. That process often involved sifting through up to60 subfolders at a time, copying items of interest to a separate folder, and then using a flash drive to transfer that folder to the supervising attorney. The Unisys team described the process as“perfectly horrible.” It was not unusual for investigations to dragon for days.

The Solution

With Logikcull, Unisys can now:

- Drag-and-drop email and other responsive documents directly into an easily accessible cloud-based platform that automatically processes and categorizes them

- Identify and review materials quickly using Logikcull’s carousel filter which works like

- Bulk tag information for relevance and get rid of what’s useless

- Invite attorneys and other team members into Logikcull so they can review materials collaboratively or on their own.

The Benefits

Logikcull’s ease of use, accessibility and automated features have resulted in huge time savings for the Unisys legal department. Logikcull has helped the IT giant cut the time it takes to respond to internal investigations and subpoenas by more than three-quarters, and -- considering the billable rates of its renowned outside attorneys -- has saved the company many thousands of dollars on document review alone.

“I can do in Logikcull in minutes what used to literally take me days.”

Dawn Irvin
Litigation Paralegal, Unisys

Founded: 1986
Revenue: $2.9+ Billion
Employees: 17K+

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