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Tired of vendor markups, delays, and frustrations? 

While reliance on vendors used to be the norm, more and more legal professionals are taking control of discovery themselves—and saying goodbye to the long wait times, inconsistent management, and hefty markups of eDiscovery vendors. If you’re looking for an alternative, here’s how Logikcull compares.

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Overall Costs
Time to Review
Days to weeks
Minutes to hours
Control Over Process
Pricing Transparency
Ideal for
Highly complex cases
High-velocity, daily discovery

How Logikcull & eDiscovery Vendors compare

Common Uses
Third-party vendors are ideal for very large, complex cases or for the occasional matters where data requires a more hands-on approach.
Logikcull's intuitive interface and speed make it great for day-to-day discovery matters and teams who want to assert more control over their discovery process.
Control Over Process
With vendors, much of the work of discovery takes place “out of sight and out of mind.” But that means your control over the process is limited. You may, for example, have to wait days or longer just to tweak a search query.
With Logikcull, you’re entirely in control. Process and load data, filter your documents, apply searches, and create productions all without third-party intervention, in a platform that’s rated #1 for ease of use.
Pricing varies by vendor but common line-item charges include data ingestion ($20/GB), data processing ($130/GB), data hosting ($20/GB), project management ($200/HR), tech support ($150/HR), and many more, all billed monthly.
Logikcull's pricing is completely transparent, with no minimums or maximums, no-hosting fees, and no unexpected line items. Simple, per-matter pricing means you’ll know exactly what your costs are every month.
Customer Support
Typically provided 9-to-5, with $150/hr support fees, billed in half-hour increments.
Logikcull's support is 24/7, with real-time in-app chat, and an average response time of under 2 minutes. No hourly rates or nickel-and-dime fees.
Varies by vendor and can be as simple as basic data processing and keyword search or as complex as TAR and managed review.
Simple, powerful Culling Intelligence lets you take control, so you can filter documents, tag files, and redact information quickly—in a platform that is easy to use.

Simple, Powerful, Vendor-Free Discovery

Take control of your discovery process.

eDiscovery vendors first emerged when electronic data was just beginning to make its way into litigation, first as small IT businesses and now as a multi-billion-dollar industry. But while reliance on vendors was once standard, today legal teams are taking control of their discovery process, using sophisticated but intuitive software to bring control, predictability, and consistency to discovery. That means no more waiting on third-parties, no more unexpected invoices, and no more being dependent on outsiders for work that can be done in-house, quicker, faster, and better.

For day-to-day discovery, high-velocity matters, and projects demanding predictable costs, Logikcull is the natural choice. Designed for speed and simplicity, Logikcull allows you to start projects in minutes and access them from anywhere at any time. Its intuitive design requires no advanced training or costly project managers. Its predictable, per-matter pricing allows you to avoid expensive vendor markups and unsustainable hosting fees—and the client pushback that follows. Whether as a discovery tool on its own or as a complement to an established approach, Logikcull amplifies and accelerates your discovery process.

That’s why over 38,000 legal professionals trust Logikcull—and why Logikcull is the #1-ranked eDiscovery software.

Why Logikcull is ranked #1

With over 575 verified, third-party reviews, Logikcull is the highest-ranked eDiscovery software by legal professionals like you. Here are a few reasons why.

Ease of Use

Empower your team with simple, powerful software. Logikcull's ease of use makes it an ideal solution for eDiscovery veterans and novices alike.


Get work done any hour of the day. Browser-based access, unlimited seats, and automated processing and productions ensure you’re never waiting.

Cost recovery

Stop sending client money to third-party vendors. Win billable hours back from vendors and turn discovery from a cost sink into a profit center with simple, per-matter pricing.

Take Control

With Logikcull, you can manage a discovery project from start to finish, without being dependent on third-party vendors.

100% Predictable Pricing

No unexpected invoices, no crazy line-item fees, no project management costs—and no BS. Cost predictability and control is simple with Logikcull’s per-matter pricing.

Gain Instant Insight

No hosting fees, no user fees, no support fees—and no BS. Cost predictability and control is simple with Logikcull’s per-matter pricing.

Getting started is fast and free

Start a discovery project, in seconds from anywhere.