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Corporate eDiscovery ROI Calculator

eDiscovery can be as simple as drag and drop. Realize immediate ROI by taking your discovery process in-house, whether you're simply eliminating vendor fees, reducing data size, or conducing full early case assessment.

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How much discovery do you perform in-house, before sending data to outside partners?


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Return on investment on your instant discovery

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ROI Data Reductions

Document review is the most expensive part of the discovery process, by far. So anything you can do to reduce your document corpus can have a significant impact on the overall cost of a matter.

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ROI on Time Processing Improvements

Money matters, but eliminating downtime and freeing up your teams to accomplish more can also be incredibly important. Indeed, many in-house teams cite a lack of bandwidth as their primary impediment to handling more work in-house.

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Calculating Annual ROI

Our numbers so far have all been tied to single matters. But if you want to look at your ROI more expansively, determining your annual ROI isn’t difficult, either. Simply calculate your average matter volume over a year, then multiply it by your typical per-matter ROI. You can do this for data reduction, time savings, or any other ROI metric you’re using.

2020 Corporate In-Housing Survey

Logikcull’s 2020 Corporate In-Housing Survey gathers data from more than 40 corporate legal professionals and organizations, whose businesses represent a combined 2 million employees and one trillion dollars in annual revenue.


Housing survey