How do I Bates stamp?

Bates numbering (Bates stamping or Bates labeling) creates a way to identify and find every page in a production in order for counsel to navigate large documents easier.

How to add Bates stamps to a PDF:

  • Once you are on the third step of downloading or producing your documents in Logikcull, you will find the section Endorsements where you can outline your Bates stamp requirements.
  • Click the “+” sign under images, named More options and image defaults.
  • Scroll down to the Include image endorsement/branding section, and switch the dropdown to say Yes.
  • You can then choose where you want your endorsement(s) placed as well as various other customizations.

Note: With the ability to endorse in Logikcull, there's no need to print and stamp them manually, nor the need to export to a separate program such as Adobe for Bates stamping.


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