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Democracy doesn't wait for manual review. Whether for open records requests or litigation, Logikcull helps governments of all sizes handle discovery insanely fast and on budget.

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Move at the Speed of Modern Democracy

Break records log jams with a powerfully simple solution that automates manual tasks and deploys instantly.

Eliminate manual review

No more Adobe, Outlook, or paper approaches. Logikcull lets you search, tag and review documents 10x faster than manual workflows.

Find docs fast

Logikcull’s Culling Intelligence™ helps you quickly filter down to the most relevant information, allowing you to find what you need almost instantly.

Redact with just a click

Protect sensitive information with drag-over redactions and remove PII with a click with bulk redactions.

Collaborate seamlessly

Whether working across agencies or within your team, Logikcull’s granular user roles and activity reporting make it easy to collaborate and manage document review.

Protect the public purse

Automatically transcribe, search and review audio/video files, including Zoom recordings and body cam footage, with Voicetouch.

Never do the same work twice

Handling frequently requested documents? Protect work product and ensure uniformity with Data Copy.

Insanely fast investigations & disputes, just a drag-n-drop away

Logikcull for Early Case Assessment

Create a project, upload your data, and get instant insights into your matter—in a matter of minutes and with no additional overhead.

Logikcull for Open Records Requests

Break open records log jams with a powerfully simple solution that automates manual tasks and deploys instantly.

Logikcull for Subpoena Response

Respond to subpoena requests with unprecedented speed and control. It’s as simple as upload, search, and download.

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Employment Disputes

Find out who said what and who knew what when. Email filtering and Slack support surfaces relevant comms fast.

Audio/Video searches

Whether a Zoom recording or a TikTok video, Logikcull automatically transcribes and makes A/V searchable.

Early Case Assessment

Cull unresponsive data with a few clicks. Culling Intelligence sorts the rest, giving you immediate insights into your matter.

Subject Access Requests

Quickly ingest large amounts of data, and let Logikcull surface the personal information relevant to the SAR.

FOIA and Open Records

Never miss a FOIA deadline again. Logikcull is trusted by the cities of New York, Chicago, Boston and San Jose.

Outside Counsel Management

Stop sending data to outside counsel. Instead, bring them to you in a perfectly secure discovery hub for more control.

Matter Mobility

Don't let something sensitive slip by. Quickly review outgoing matters for confidential or proprietary info before they go out the door.

Subpoena Response

On the hook for the costs of a third-party subpoena? Organize, find and review responsive docs fast, and produce them quickly with minimal business impact.

Managed Review

Cull out unresponsive docs in a few clicks, then batch out the rest for distributed review with detailed reporting.


Need a clean room? Logikcull is a fully encrypted collaborative workspace perfect for due diligence.

Construction Cases

Get to the bottom of construction disputes fast with specialized features including CAD, drawing and handwriting support.

Data Reduction

More than 97% of all discoverable data is completely irrelevant. Get rid of it in a few clicks to eliminate downstream review costs.

Trusted by the biggest (and smallest) government organizations

I was able to get the basics down in under an hour and have been using the program independently since. It makes a great deal of difference in getting through large files more quickly as well as making connections between documents. The new features, such as linking documents with similar content make it easier still.

Lesa Marks, Office of the Maryland Inspector General-Education

Logikcull enables me to review thousands of emails/documents responsive to public records in a clear, detailed, intuitive manner without the hindrance of manually pulling and reviewing hard copies. My favorite tool is using a search syntax to find duplicate responses. With the click of a button I'm able to reduce my workload once the duplicates are culled."

Janet C.
Sr. Deputy City Clerk on Capterra.com
 in hosting fees saved last year.

Logikcull makes it easy to track, redact, produce, and provide records and privilege logs. There is a chat feature to ask questions as they come up during the process. The OCR works great."

David Billetdeaux
Port of Benton
71 Percent
reduction in time to respond.

Incredible support. Incredible product. Thanks, Logickull! I literally could not have done this without you. Definitely not for such an affordable rate.”

Simon O.
Government Administration on Capterra.com

I can’t say enough about Logikcull. Our old solution came with a 400-page user guide and required we hire a consultant. Not only is Logikcull user-friendly, but it has cut the time it takes to collect and review in half.”

Katie Lynch
Director of Legal Support
 in hosting fees saved last year.

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