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Doing Good Just Got Better

Logikcull empowers nonprofits to quickly and affordably sift through massive amounts of data related to litigation, investigations and public records. Start a project in seconds—and get on with saving the world.

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Logikcull Reveals the Information You Need

Level the playing field

  • Never be outgunned. Logikcull’s Instant Discovery acts as a force multiplier, letting even the smallest teams stand toe-to-toe against the biggest adversaries.

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  • Conquer today’s data. Don’t get bogged down by data dumps. Review massive amounts of information with ease through simple, intuitive design.

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  • Make every penny count. Transparent, predictable, per-matter pricing means you can keep your budget under control, while avoiding nickel-and-dime vendor fees.

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  • Move faster than ever. Get new projects up and running swiftly, review documents at break-neck speeds, and ease information bottlenecks, so you can do more than ever before.

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Learn more about our nonprofit partners

  • UnCommon Law

    How a small, nonprofit law office is changing lives. Learn how technology is helping, in this interview with executive director Keith Wattley.

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Empowering leading nonprofits

  • Center for Food Safety
  • CLC
  • Maldef
  • PennFuture
  • Southern Environmental Law