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It’s time to put an end to eDiscovery


Discovery is a process that was created to facilitate the free flow of information between parties. It is an essential—perhaps the essential—component of the search for truth and justice at the very foundation of the legal system.

But as the volume of digital material has multiplied dramatically, that process has become mired in complexity and unnecessary cost -- and the traditional tools and technology that have surfaced in the wake of that data explosion have largely failed to overcome these impediments.

Today, the term “electronic discovery” (aka eDiscovery) has become synonymous with antiquated technology, career-threatening risk, high cost, and black box processes. eDiscovery, as many practitioners and judges have lamented, is so inherently prohibitive that it has become weaponized—used to force large, data-rich organizations to settle meritless claims, and small, under-resourced parties to forgo claims they cannot afford to pursue.

eDiscovery has thwarted access to the legal system that is at the very core of our democracy.

Especially in an age where most information is stored electronically—and a global network exists to enable near instantaneous and economical communication between any and all parties—discovery should be simple and unimpeded.

This belief is why Logikcull exists:

To make discovery more affordable, more transparent, more accessible and less complicated. With Logikcull, anyone can do discovery, from anywhere at any time.

Logikcull is breaking the inertia of eDiscovery and bringing to market a product that law firms, corporations, governments, and service providers can use to make discovery less costly, faster and more efficient.

With its intuitive browser-based platform, Logikcull’s eDiscovery software solution breaks the process of discovery into its three fundamental steps:

  1. Upload: Data is uploaded securely and documents are automatically processed.
  2. Search: Documents are culled, searched, and reviewed for relevance and privilege.
  3. Download: Identified documents are assembled, downloaded, and exchanged with another party.

At Logikcull we’ve created a product that is secure, transparent, efficient, and accessible from anywhere.

With Instant Discovery from Logikcull we can replace a broken discovery process with one that is affordable, efficient and expedient. We urge you to join us.

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