Announcing InHouse 2022, the Legal Festival for Learning, Networking — and Vibes

Announcing InHouse 2022, the Legal Festival for Learning, Networking — and Vibes

Today, the roles and responsibilities of in-house legal teams are growing broader and more diverse by the day. And the pressure to show the value of legal, to justify spend and headcount, and to support the business needs of your teams is greater than ever. 

With so much on your plate and limited resources, how do you focus on the areas that really impact your team and your business?

Our speakers at InHouse 2022 know. And soon, you will, too.

Join Logikcull’s annual conference on October 20-21 for:

  • Actionable tips for having a bigger impact on your organization from legal leaders at Adobe, Mastercard, Doordash, Okta, and more
  • Networking with peers who’re dealing with your same challenges
  • Exciting new ways of working more efficiently in your practice, in general, and in eDiscovery, specifically
  • The coolest swag, amazing prizes and surprises, and festival vibes all around.

If you’re a legal, legal ops, or IT leader who wants to become better at your job and find thoughtful solutions to common challenges while having a blast, this is your event. 

Come learn from those who are doing transformational work in the trenches—and culling the noise…

Get your free tickets here. 
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