Building the Loop: A Look Inside Logikcull

Building the Loop: A Look Inside Logikcull

This is the first post in our new, semi-regular feature Building the Loop, a behind the scenes look at how we’re democratizing discovery. Building the Loop will highlight our culture, employee achievements, and sneak peaks into Logikcull’s new features our Logikbots are diligently working on. Of course, we’re starting with the wine.

It’s been a busy but exciting first half of 2017 here at Logikcull. We launched Pay As You Go pricing, turned 13 years old, and saw our platform surpass a billion pages hosted simultaneously.

So to take a moment to reflect, our San Francisco-based team loaded up in a bus and headed to wine country. Logikcull is committed to powerful simplicity, creating systems and software that remove needless complexity, keeping things simple so that professionals can accomplish their goals quickly and easily, without uncessary time or cost. So too are the vintners across the Bay, who create renowned wines with little more than grapes and the passage of time—and a whole lot of commitment.


So we headed out over the Golden Gate bridge and soon arrived at our first stop Cline Cellars in Sonoma County. The gardens were beautiful and we were able to enjoy our tasting outside. Cline is known for their zinfandel, an upstart California wine which helped revolutionize the American wine industry. It was unsurprisingly a crowd favorite.

Next we left the beaten path and headed to Robledo Winery, for lunch on their patio, surrounded by the vines. The winery was founded by Reynaldo Robledo, who came from Mexico as a migrant worker when we was just 16 to start working in the vineyards. Over time he became well known for his gift of grafting local vines with imported ones to create plants that can withstand the climate and local pests.


Our final stop for the day was the Wine Foundry in Napa Valley, where they blend and bottle Logikcull’s own wines. Four employees, nominated for embodying our core values, were joined by Logikcull co-founders Andy Wilson and Sheng Yang to help blend this year’s vintage.

(Want to have a sip? Become a customer or join us as an employee.)

It was a great end to an amazing Q2 and the perfect kick start to Q3! Cheers!

This post authored by Laura Goldberg, head of talent and retention at Logikcull. She can be reached at

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