Logikcull Delivers eDiscovery and Document Review for content on Box

Logikcull Delivers eDiscovery and Document Review for content on Box

WASHINGTON, DC, August 11, 2014 - Logikcull announced today that it will bring its cloud discovery & investigations platform to Box. With this integration, Box users will be able to seamlessly transfer documents & metadata from Box into Logikcull for the purposes of discovery & investigations.

With this one-click integration, Box customers can easily search, collect and preserve ESI maintained in Box as part of a litigation or regulatory matter. Logikcull directly integrates with Box APIs and eliminates multiple manual steps such as copying files and burning DVDs. Timestamps, file paths, and more Box metadata are automatically mapped into Logikcull's discovery platform on document transfer.

"When Box approached us about building a cloud-to-cloud eDiscovery integration we knew we had to make the process incredibly user friendly and seamless," said Andy Wilson, co-founder & CEO of Logikcull. "We created a one-click-and-done solution that’s also really smart. Box users can transfer any set of documents they want into Logikcull with just one click. But it's not just simple file transfer. Each document is tagged with a "From Box" search tag, which makes it super-easy to filter on documents from Box. We also map key metadata fields from the Box API, like Box filepath and Box timestamp, and automatically populate those fields into the Logikcull search index. We think Box customers are going to love it."

Once the documents and metadata have been transferred from Box to Logikcull, legal teams can leverage Logikcull's Culling Intelligence™ engine to quickly get to the facts of their case. The Culling Intelligence engine automatically categorizes Box documents into smart search filters like Languages, Email domains, Custodians, and Document Types to name a few. Using these smart filters, legal teams can quickly narrow their search to the right documents for review. And from there, they can do the entire document review and production right from within Logikcull. Logikcull is an end-to-end discovery and review platform, so there's no need to download the documents into another review platform.

The Box to Logikcull integration is available to all Box and Logikcull customers today. Learn more about Box here: www.box.com. And learn more about Logikcull here: www.logikcull.com.

A quick demo of the integration:



Logikcull's mission is to empower legal teams of all sizes & technical capabilities to efficiently organize, search, and collaborate on document collections for discovery & investigations, from anywhere. Every day, legal teams around the world effortlessly upload discovery data sets of all sizes, like Microsoft Outlook email databases, Office files & Cloud data, to Logikcull. Using Logikcull's Culling Intelligence™ engine, these data sets are automatically organized and made searchable, so that legal teams can quickly discover the facts of their case from their computer, phone, or tablet. Headquartered in Washington, DC, Logikcull is a privately held technology company. To learn more about Logikcull, visit www.logikcull.com.


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Logikcull + MS365

Logikcull integrates seamlessly with Office 365 for incredibly fast, always reliable cloud-to-cloud eDiscovery.

logikcull + ms365

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