Podcast: Andy Wilson on Growing Logikcull, Creative Fundraising, Fateful Coin Tosses, and Much More

Podcast: Andy Wilson on Growing Logikcull, Creative Fundraising, Fateful Coin Tosses, and Much More

Long before Logikcull was the top-ranked, fully DIY, powerfully simple eDiscovery software you know today, it was Logik, a brick-and-mortar eDiscovery and data processing services company based out of Washington, D.C. Specifically, based out of Logikcull CEO Andy Wilson’s dining room in Washington, D.C.

Wilson co-founded Logikcull, then known as Logik, with CTO Sheng Yang 16 years ago. In short order, the company moved out of the dining room and into an office in downtown D.C., where Logik handled discovery matters for some of the largest litigations in the nation. Five years later, Logik had risen to number 181 on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing, privately-held companies in the country.

But by 2009, change was in the air. Wilson and Yang knew that the era of high-priced, bespoke discovery services was destined to end. Automation and the cloud promised to make eDiscovery more efficient, more affordable, and far more accessible. Logik soon became Logikcull, the cloud-based, SaaS eDiscovery software used by over 15,000 legal professionals today, and declared “the end of eDiscovery.”

The evolution from services to SaaS, from bootstrapped-startup to cloud-based software company, was hardly straightforward, however, and full of twists, turns, and trials.

Wilson recently sat down with Kyle Lacy, Chief Marketing Officer at Lessonly, for Lacy’s Revenue Diaries podcast, to discuss Wilson’s personal story, the history of Logikcull, and the challenges and successes along the way.

Lacy’s podcast regularly features the top revenue leaders and CEOs in the world, asking them five questions on family, life, fears, challenges, and faith. The conversations that follow are insightful, occasionally emotional, often hilarious, and always revealing.

Logik’s early bootstrapping, for example? Part of that was funded by the card skills of Wilson and his wife, Neda, who’d helped cover server costs by decimating their friends and neighbors in friendly poker tournaments.

And that’s just the beginning. Listen along above or at this link to learn some lesser-known details on Wilson and Logikcull, from his views on parenting to his new home in Bend, Oregon, to the coin toss that changed the fate of Logikcull forever.

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