Research the JFK Files For Free With Logikcull

Research the JFK Files For Free With Logikcull

Who killed John F. Kennedy? Was it really Lee Harvey Oswald and, if so, was he inspired by a clandestine meeting with the KGB beforehand?  Or was Lyndon B. Johnson somehow behind the assassination, as the Kremlin may have believed? Was J. Edgar Hoover more concerned with tamping down information that would “complicate our international relations” than with discovering the truth? What about the Cuban exiles who wanted a more confrontational approach to Castro? And where does Marilyn Monroe fit into all this?

We may never have all the answers to these questions, but we could be getting a bit closer. On Thursday, the National Archives released thousands of new documents detailing the JFK assassination and ensuing investigation. The files are, of course, a mess. They are disorganized, incomplete, voluminous, and cobbled together from dozens of different sources.

That is, they’re just like the files you’d find in any other document-intensive investigation. And, thankfully, we have eDiscovery software that is designed to help you make order and insight out of just such a mess—simply, quickly, and with all the efficiencies and convenience of the cloud. Software like Logikcull automates thousands of once-manual steps necessary to process and review such documents, allowing you to get to the piece of information you most need—whether it’s a key email in a lawsuit or a revealing memo from the Director of the FBI—without having to search through the documents you don’t.

To help researchers, journalists, JFK enthusiasts, concerned members of the public, and the like, we’ve uploaded the documents from the JFK Files into Logikcull, allowing you to apply Logikcull’s state-of-the-art discovery technology to the nearly 3,000 records released by the government. You can use Logikcull to cull through the junk and focus in on the documents that most interest you, to build complex, powerful searches with ease, and flag documents with tags of your choosing. There’s no need to flip through the documents declassified page by declassified page.

Maybe you’ll find the definitive proof that the assassination was an inside job. Maybe you’ll shore up your belief that the mob was behind it all. Maybe you’ll just learn what Oswald was wearing on his bus trip to Mexico (“a short-sleeved light colored sport shirt and no coat”).

To get your account, send an email to with "JFK Research Account" as the subject and include your name, title, and company. Then see what you can find.

This post was authored by Casey C. Sullivan, who leads education and awareness efforts at Logikcull. You can reach him at or on Twitter at @caseycsull.

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