New Ways to Cull The Noise and Find the Signal: 2021 Recap of Logikcull’s Product Insights & New Features

New Ways to Cull The Noise and Find the Signal: 2021 Recap of Logikcull’s Product Insights & New Features

We live in a world that’s inundated with noise. Think about all the emails, Slack messages, voicemails, TikTok videos, texts, and news that you get exposed to every single day. It’s all irrelevant noise. It’s growing exponentially. And it's made discovery a nightmare.

Our goal at Logikcull is to help you cull the noise, so you can quickly, affordably and securely find the signal.

To that end, since the beginning of the year, we've shipped more than 50 new features—including a brand new Logikcull experience—to help make discovery powerfully simple for the thousands of organizations around the world that are using Logikcull to handle their disputes, investigations, and records requests in-house.

Here's a look back at the main 2021 highlights:

2021 Logikcull’s Product Insights

From solo practitioners to some of the world’s largest companies and governments, Logikcull’s thousands of users are accomplishing great goals and finding new use cases every day. 

That includes organizations like Worley, which was able to save over $1 million in a single subpoena response thanks to the innovative spirit of their Director of Litigation Services, Tammy Thompson; Compass, whose team has reduced the time to manage subpoena responses from days to hours; Earthjustice, which is working on more than 650 cases to build a better future for the planet; and the California Innocence Project, which is fighting to get the wrongly convicted out of prison—and reducing the time it takes to do so with Logikcull. (These organizations were all nominated for our 2021 Culler Awards.) 

In 2021, Logikcull usage reached an all-time high. The almost 12,000 new active users that started working with Logikcull—94% more than in 2020—created a total of 12,450 matters and spent more than 390K hours on the platform.

2021 Usage Highlights:

  • 11,922 new active users (94% growth YoY)
  • 390K hours logged
  • 366M docs processed
  • 98,400 new uploads
  • 580 GB, largest single upload
  • 146,000K+ GB processed

New Ways to Cull The Noise With Logikcull

2021 was a busy year for Logikcull’s engineering and product teams. With more than 50 new features and a full platform redesign, our users now have plenty of new ways to cull the noise that are aligned with the reality of the data and matters they deal with on a daily basis. 

Some examples of what we shipped this year are Full Page Redactions, a recently released long-awaited feature that users have used to redact more than 100,000 documents; Single PDF Downloads, which lets you combine unlimited PDF documents and download them as one single document; and the Pro User Role, which allows pro users to create tags without having to rely on admins for it. 

And the list goes on, including features like:

  • MS 365 Email Integration
  • Self-Service Archiving
  • Bulk Redactions
  • Family Search Status
  • Redaction Label Logs
  • Smart Responsive Tags
  • Quick Thread and Family Navigation

But not all new features are made equal. Here are the highlights.

Inclusive Email Detection 

Since we released Inclusive Email Detection in September of 2021, Logikcull’s users have uploaded more than 50 million emails to the platform. Email is still king when it comes to discoverable data. 

Upon ingestion, Logikcull automatically deduplicates all your data and, on average, 24% of the emails are gone after this first processing step. But you can add inclusive email detection to the equation, which allows you to see only the emails that have unique content in them, and get rid of 25% of the remaining emails. 

The result? Over 304K hours and more than $65M saved in unnecessary review costs.


As the name might suggest, SimDocs allows you to find similar docs in your project to the one you are reviewing. By seeing the degree of similarity between them and a side-by-side comparison with all the changes highlighted on each document, you can quickly understand the differences between two versions of the same document. 

From the more than 300 use cases we have found for this feature, Renee Bea’s story stands out. As a partner at Slarskey LLC, Bea lived a true TV show moment during a trial when she was able to confront a witness with a huge lie she spotted using the SimDocs technology.

A/V Transcription with VoiceTouch

Today, audiovisual content is more predominant than ever, and the volumes of video and audio records will only keep growing. 

But no one has time to sit down and watch or listen to hours of recordings as part of a document review. To make A/V data searchable, you need to transcribe it first. 

Audio transcription was a game-changer for a Fortune 500 company when they were faced with 14,832 documents that needed review, most of which were voice messages. After uploading them into Logikcull and activating the A/V transcription, they were able to narrow the review set to just eight documents—instantly eliminating more than $178,000 in manual review fees and several weeks of work.

Dark Mode

The changing nature of work and the workspace led many of our users to be much more active after hours. And if you’re culling at night, brightness makes it harder to focus and increases the risk of eyestrain and headaches.

That’s why we launched Dark Mode, to tell brightness to take a hike. Also, to look cooler than ever. Watch this: 

Personalized Culling Intelligence

 As part of a brand new Logikcull experience, we introduced Personalized Culling Intelligence, a more personal and tailored way to search, organize and filter.

You can move and rearrange tags, bring every filter into view, or only the ones you use the most. And you can save your preferred setup for the next project, so you can always use the workspace that best suits your needs. 


Even More Noise to Cull 

When we think about the next frontier of exploding noise that needs to be tackled, two data sources instantly come to mind: Slack and the cloud. 

For some perspective into the volumes of data generated within these sources, every day, more than 1.5 billion Slack messages are sent, and the average employee uses 36 cloud-based applications.

At Logikcull we’ve witnessed this explosion of cloud-based data in real time. Since 2012, the number of unique docs per project has increased by 380%—and the growth is not linear, but markedly exponential. 

What are we doing to solve all these challenges? Here are our newest ways to cull the cloud and chat noise and collaborate effectively:

Slack Integration

With Logikcull, you have long been able to import data directly from many cloud sources like Google Vault, Box, and Microsoft 365. And now, we’ve also added everyone’s favorite messaging app to the list—Slack

With our new Slack integration, collecting your Slack data is as easy as selecting any relevant employees, the type of conversations, and setting the desired date range.

And voilà, your Slack conversations get automatically pulled into Logikcull. 

The Slack integration is coming very soon for subscription customers. If you'd like access or to learn more, please contact

Chat Filters

Out of the more than 1.5 billion Slack messages that are sent every month, approximately 900 million contain highly secretive fantasy football intel, and another 100 million or so are "🤔", indicating passive aggression.

Whatever's left makes great fodder for many thousands of internal investigations, employment disputes, and IP litigations. Why? Because people say dumb stuff when they think no one else is looking. But people will see it, won't they? Because everything is discoverable. 

And that's why we built chat filters

Chat filters make it easy to surface the important conversations, quips, and eye-rolls buried in the Slack morass. Applying Logikcull's Culling Intelligence to chat, you can now filter Slack content by criteria like conversation participants, channel, sender, deleted and edited messages, and even reactions. Yep, reactions. 😉

Have a look:

This feature is only available to subscription customers. If you'd like access or to learn more, please contact

Document Annotations

The most requested feature over the last year has arrived, and with pinpoint accuracy. 

Document annotations work similarly to pins in Google Maps. Just select the words you want to highlight or any other element in the document, drop a pin, and add a comment. It's an awesome way to send an SOS.

You can edit and delete your annotations, and share them with other Logikcull users for ease of collaboration. Annotations are also searchable and can be filtered by author. 

Annotations are now available to all Logikcull users.

Time-Based Access

It's a common recurring dream. You've given database access to an expert witness. Now, 18 months have passed and you remember that, not only does this person still have access, but he's been harvesting sensitive contracts for sharing with your biggest rival. 

You wake up in a cold sweat. 

With Time-Based Access, you can now, as you might guess, time-bound user permissions, revoking the keys to the proverbial car at a pre-determined date and time. If users need more time, they can request extensions or ask to be re-added to projects after access is terminated.

This feature is only available to subscription customers. If you'd like access or to learn more, please contact

Gmail Labels

Those who defy labels define themselves (says this five-year-old Mini Cooper commercial). But those who apply labels find themselves. 

Or make it easier for others to find them. Or something. It would sound snappier coming from Logikcull spokesman Harvey Keitel.

In any case, Logikcull accounts with the Google Vault integration enabled will now automatically apply Gmail labels to imported email, so you can easily filter on categories like "Sent," "Unread," and "Deleted." 

There are some things in life that metadata can't define. For everything else, there's Gmail labels. Or something. 

Take a gander!

The Google Vault integration is only available to subscription customers. If you'd like access or to learn more, please contact

New in Logikcull Hold: Preserve in Place + Custom Email Domains

Last year, we launched Logikcull Hold, our powerfully simple litigation hold software that eats spreadsheets for breakfast. Since then, we haven’t stopped adding new capabilities to our legal hold tool to make the process even more efficient. Our goal is to reduce the number of steps to issue, track, and release legal holds to the bare minimum. 

With Preserve in Place, you can now issue a hold and automatically preserve custodian data from Google Vault in one single step. 

Want to lock down Gmail? Takes a click. But you can also preserve data from Google Drive, Google Voice, and Hangouts. Just select your custodians, define the preservation timeframe, choose the associated Google Vault matter, and pick your preferred data sources to preserve.

This ensures a more defensible and streamlined legal hold process by keeping both the legal hold notice and the data preservation from Google Vault in one single place.

Additionally, you can now send your legal hold notice from a custom domain instead of Logikcull Hold’s default domain. This helps alleviate any phishing anxiety among your teammates and make sure hold notifications always come from a trusted source. 

Here's how it all works...

This feature is only available to subscription customers. If you'd like access or to learn more, please contact

The teams rolling out these features are constantly thinking about new ways to help you cull through the noise from the hundreds of different data sources and formats available in the cloud age. So this is just the beginning.

In 2022, we’ll keep announcing new features to access your data from anywhere with the click of a button and new tools to help you get to the signal faster. 

We can’t wait to bring it to you. Stay tuned!

Want to see Logikcull in action? 

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