Google and Logikcull collaborate for Vault connector, adding to eDiscovery Software platform's growing integration suite

Google and Logikcull collaborate for Vault connector, adding to eDiscovery Software platform's growing integration suite

Adding an important pillar to its Instant Discovery platform, which forward-thinking legal professionals within corporate legal, law firms and government are increasingly embracing, Logikcull is excited to announce the release of its Google Vault integration, the result of collaboration with Google’s product team.

The cloud-to-cloud connector gives Logikcull users access to G Suite data from Google Vault within Logikcull. Users can now export G Suite data and communications, such as Gmail inboxes, Google Docs, and Google Hangouts Chat, directly from Vault into Logikcull’s Instant Discovery platform, allowing for speedy searching, tagging, review and redaction of that information.

Those interested in trying the integration can request a free trial here.

“Partnering with Logikcull has empowered us to expand the ability of legal professionals to quickly access and review G Suite data subject to disputes and investigations,” said Joshua Stageberg, Product Manager of Google Vault.

The integration unites two powerfully simple technologies, Google Vault and Logikcull, to bring speed, ease, and predictability to discovery and investigations. It also ensures that data remains within an encrypted, closed-loop environment throughout the discovery process.

The Vault connector is another in Logikcull’s growing suite of integrations with some of the most widely-used business, collaboration and productivity tools, including and Slack, both of which have become increasingly common repositories of high-value evidence.

Logikcull’s Google Vault integration leverages Google Vault’s native API and was created in a joint effort with Google.

Where other discovery providers have expanded their service offerings to offset the surge in data volume and complexity, countering growing challenges with high-priced project managers, Logikcull’s Google Vault integration shows the company doubling down on its commitment to make discovery instant through affordable, user-friendly software.

Though it has become commonplace for business data to reside in the cloud, traditional discovery and investigations tools don’t account for this reality. When legal teams need to collect, review, and produce cloud data, they are often forced to download it, then re-upload it to their discovery platforms—an inefficient, frustrating process that can waste hours, if not days.

Logikcull’s Google Vault integration eliminates those roadblocks, allowing for cloud-to-cloud transfer of G Suite data, so that legal professionals can quickly access and review information from Gmail, Google Drive, Sheets, Hangouts Chat, and more, without that information ever having to leave the security of the cloud.

“Logikcull users are innovators and first movers,” explains Logikcull CEO and co-founder Andy Wilson. “They embrace simple, powerful technology like G Suite and they are quick to recognize when discovery can be done more quickly and efficiently. This new integration allows for just that: speeding up access to data so users can gain valuable insights into their matters faster.”

Once transferred to Logikcull, users can quickly cull through their data, using powerful metadata filters and sophisticated search criteria. Documents can be assigned, tagged, and redacted through a powerfully simple, intuitive user interface. Finally, those documents can be produced to requesting parties through a protected, access-controlled link.

“At the end of the day, discovery is a data logistics problem,” Wilson said. “Our mission is to break down the barriers inherent to the traditional model so information can flow fast and affordably. This integration is a big step in that direction.”

Learn more about Logikcull’s Google Vault integration or request a free trial today.

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