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Articles on Law Firm Security

May 6, 2020


193 Law Firms Exposed in Data Breach—Do You Know Where Your Most Sensitive Data Is?

April 16, 2020


Password Breach Detection & Single Sign-On: Two Ways to Protect Your Account

March 12, 2020


‘Where Is My Data?’ If You Can’t Answer, It’s Time to Wake Up

March 12, 2020


For Hackers, Law Firms Are 'One-Stop Shop' for Pillaging Sensitive Data

March 12, 2020


Law Firms' Inability to Protect Client Data Is a National Security Concern

March 5, 2020


Ransomware Hits Law Firms Hard—And It’s Worse Than Ever Before

January 24, 2019

Cybersecurity- hooded hacker figure

Dark Overlords Ransom Law Firm Data—Byte by Byte

October 24, 2018

Cybersecurity- hooded hacker figure

Protective Orders for Cybersecurity During eDiscovery: What They Are and Why You Need One