New Slack API: Collect Your Chat Data With a Click

New Slack API: Collect Your Chat Data With a Click

If your process to export data from Slack starts by painstakingly googling “how to collect Slack data,” your life is about to get better. 

At Logikcull, we’re proud to announce the forthcoming launch of our new Slack API, which puts all your chat data just a click away. From there, you can easily sift through chat conversations with a host of new chat-specific filters.

Read on to learn everything about Logikcull’s brand new ways to cull chat noise. 


Every month, Slack users generate more than 1.5 billion messages. Most of them are pure noise. Noise around weekend plans and cute dog pics, dancing parrot emojis to celebrate wins big and small, and that teammate—yes, that borderline annoying teammate—who randomly stops by to say hi 👋. 

At Logikcull, we’ve witnessed a surge in Slack data uploads since the beginning of  2020, as workforces have increasingly gone remote. The number of unique docs uploaded per Slack project has increased by more than 380% in that span.

And while Logikcull users have long been able to render, index, and search Slack data, collecting from this source still involves navigating cumbersome Slack exports

That’s about to change.

Slack Data Collection in Seconds

Yes, in seconds. 

With the new Slack API for discovery, importing your Slack data into Logikcull is about to become as easy as clicking the  “Import from Slack” button. 

You probably don’t want to look at every single conversation stored in your company’s Slack account though. That’s why you can also select relevant participants, the type of conversations you need to analyze—direct messages, public channel interactions, externally shared channels, and the like—and your desired time range. 

And voilà, your Slack data gets automatically pulled into Logikcull.

Slack is the latest in a growing list of cloud integrations—including Google Vault, Box, and Microsoft 365—that allows you to centralize the collection, search and review of all your data in one single place with minimal effort.

A New Search Paradigm for Chat Discovery

But why streamline just one aspect of Slack eDiscovery? After all, Slack is rapidly becoming the new email as essential ESI in litigation and investigations. But the two types of communications (document vs. chat) couldn’t be more different in their contents, style, and format. Chat deserves a new search paradigm. So we built one.  

Remember those weekend plan conversations and dancing parrots? As entertaining as it might be to read through one or two of those trivial chats, no one has time to sit down to review hundreds of thousands of them.

So we’re introducing chat filters.

Chat filters make it easy to quickly parse chat data and surface the important conversations, quips, and eye-rolls buried in the Slack morass. 

Applying Logikcull's Culling Intelligence to chat, you can now filter Slack content by criteria like conversation participants, channel, sender, deleted and edited messages, and even reactions. Yep, reactions. 😉

At Logikcull, we are constantly thinking about new ways to help you cull through the noise from the hundreds of different data sources and formats available in the cloud era. So this is just the beginning. 

Stay tuned as we keep announcing new powerfully simple features to collect and drill down on your data so you can get to the signal. Faster. 


Both the Slack Integration and Chat Filters are features only available to subscription customers. If you'd like access or to learn more, please contact

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